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Welcome to Fire Wok Asian Bistro

The flavors of the far east are well known in our town, and all over the city you can find examples of traditional Chinese cuisine prepared in the usual ways. At Fire Wok Asian Bistro, we have a different approach. The great dishes of Asia depend not only upon the myriad of sauces and spices that have become familiar the world over, but also upon the quality and freshness of the ingredients in them.

For this reason, Fire Wok Asian Bistro ensures that every plate served is loaded with the freshest vegetables and most succulent proteins available on the market. The flavors at Fire Wok are delivered cleanly and crisply upon ingredients that would make any chef in Asia proud to serve them.

So, if you want the taste of the Orient served fast and hot to your table, or you just want to get some quality take out to bring home, visit Fire Wok Asian Bistro!

WARNING! Our food can be habit forming!