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About Fire Wok Asian Bistro

Fire Wok Asian Bistro opened on May 22nd, 2012 to serve the public in south Huntsville the true tastes of Asia. Seasoned restaurateur Andy Ching has been in the business for more than 13 years professionally, and could see that while Asian cuisine was easy to find in Huntsville, the typical offering was somewhat uninspired.

So, he went to work putting together all of the area's favorite Asian flavors from Mongoliann to Kung Pau, and everything in between - and then he did two things very different. First, he searched out and found the freshest sources of vegetables available on the market - regardless of cost, and integrated them into the recipes. Once these flavors were developed and ready to serve, he designed his menu to allow any flavor selection to be combined with any protein on the menu.

Want Tangy Sesame Beef? No problem! Sweet and Sour shrimp? You got it. How about Mongolian Chicken? You see, at Fire Wok Asian Bistro, we know that our flavors are good enough to complement any protein you crave, and we are experts at delivering them exactly as they should be. And - since we are family owned and operated, we can make sure that this is always the case.

So come on down to Fire Wok Asian Bistro and taste all your favorites again - for the first time!